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At Antogrini, we work hard to ensure that our customers enjoy an excellent shopping experience. This is the reason why our team chooses the best products in order to ensure a quality purchase. At times, we may not be able to fulfill all your desires, and this is the reason why we offer service returns as well as refunds in order to make up for our shortcomings.
Because of the ordering platform limitations, we do not offer direct unilateral product exchange. We also do replacements, especially if a product is not delivered, owing to shipment cancelation. Customers can only return the items within a period of 14 days.
It is important to remember information provided below:
● Do not request refunds of returns when the allowed period expires.
● Customers are not allowed to request refunds or returns on Instagram messages or Facebook chat. Use email.
● When to return an order or a defective product:
1. If the item is defective
2. If the item received is different from the one ordered
As our customer, you have the right to demand another product if you receive a defective item or one that is different from the one you ordered. If the product you order is available, you will definitely get back your total amount.

Q: What are the correct terms and conditions to apply for a return or change?
A: Terms and Conditions:
● Requests for refunds and returns will not be accepted after 14 days.
● Customers will cater for the return shipping costs.
● Payments will be refunded using the method that the initial payment had been made.
● Changes or refund will only be executed once the tracking number from the customer has been received by the Antogrini.
● Products that are dirty, altered, damaged, or not in their initial bags or boxes cannot be accepted if returned.
● After a refund confirmation has been sent to a customer, it may take 3 to 10 business days before it is reflected on the account of the customer.
● It is important to know that will not cater for returns that are either stolen or lost while in transit.

Q: What procedure can I use when returning something?
A: Follow the procedure provided below when returning a product.
1. Tell us more about the items you intend to return via [email protected]
In the email, indicate the order number. Provide a brief explanation why you intend to return the products.
2. You will definitely be emailed immediately after a period of about 24 to 48 hours.
3. We will provide with an adress where to ship the item. Please make sure you send it to the correct adress.
4. Please use tracking number when you return the item to be able to track it. Make sure that the order number is indicated on the shipping label.
5. Customers are normally notified via email once their return has been received.
6. You are likely to get back your money after a period of about three to ten days after returns have been processed and confirmed.

Please note that direct unilateral product exchange is not possible due to limitations in the ordering platform, and we are not entitled to send out products on our own initiative.

Replacement is possible in case of an undelivered product due to shipment cancellation, after a direct personal consultation with an agent.